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Class 01 Roster (2011) Class 02 Roster (2012) Class 03 Roster (2013) Class 04 Roster (2014) Class 05 Roster (2015) Class 06 Roster (2016) Class 07 Roster (2017) Honor Graduates

Class Rosters

Honor Graduates

The following cadets were recognized as Honor Graduates of their class.  Bio’s and photos for each graduate are currently in development and will be posted to this page soon.

Cindy Perpepaj
Representing Class 01

Jaclyn Villafuerte
Representing Class 02

Olivia Toutounjian
Representing Class 03

Roman Maure
Representing Class 04

Jordan Lavalle
Representing Class 05

Tiffany Alvarez
Representing Class 06

Troi Baugh
Representing Class 07